Online Payments

We provide online payments for Tenants empowering them to pay by debit, credit, online ACH and direct deposit.

Maintenance Requests

Treewater handles maintenance requests in a streamlined process. We receive a request most of the time from a tenant. We issue a request to the appropriate service provider (plumber, electrician, handyman etc.) and a request goes to the owner to approve or deny the request.

Management Services

Treewater is a full service Property Management company in Southern California. Our staff of Licensed Brokers, repairmen, and Adminstration staff are here to spend the time with expertise to ensure your income producing asset stays that way.

Rental Reporting & Analysis

At Treewater we employ a full time accountant for our clients who keeps immaculate accounting so that we may provide owners with Profit and Loss statements, Cash on cash returns, repair and maintenance costs etc.

Financial Management

Our in house licensed brokers are investors themselves. Our greatest pleasure in this business is to help maximize your properties profits. Whether that be rehab and raising rents. Selling a property via a 1031 to re position your assets into another greater income producing property or whatever your special case may be.

Community Management (HOA)

Treewater management currently manages Anaheim Villas HOA and have over 20 years of this specialized HOA expertise.